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The Princess and Rebel-Synopsis


Below is the rough outline (synopsis) for the new erotic thriller The Princess and Rebel. The goal is for the book to be 20,000 words plus, released in e-book format by the middle of September.

The Characters:

Rob Davidson (Rebel) A New York Times best Selling Author

Sarah Watson, his long time agent/publicist and live in lover. Her job to keep Rob from falling for the lustful Gina.

Gina Berry (The Princess), the sexy long blonde haired beauty that purchased  the run down house across the street from Rob and Sarah.

Dawn Berry, the seductive daughter of the Princess, who is tri-sexual, trying anything pertaining to sex.

Robert Nathan Davidson, known to his friends as Rob, to his many fans as ‘Rebel’, had made a seven-figure a year career out of putting words to paper for the last eight years. Rob had six novels that hit #1 on the New York Times best seller list, and his last was well on its way. The world of publishing and writing was changing and he was not missing a beat and going with the new trends of social media, e-books, as well as the tried and true route that paid the bills. The old name that graced the covers of his books, R.N. Davidson was no longer used. Against his publishers advice he now penned under ‘Rebel.’ Rob had reasons for the change, a shorter name looked cleaner on the e-book covers, and other authors had stolen his idea and had begun using initials for their books. He had bucked the system again and came out on top.

From the outside Rob appeared to be in control of his life. There was money in the bank, a Porsche, Viper, and Escalade in the garage, a house in a gated subdivision that had only twenty dwellings total, each on a five acre tract with a minimum of five thousand square feet dictated in the bylaws. Deep inside however Rob was struggling with his inner self. Less than a year ago he had to make some tough decisions that lead to a third divorce. He wrote marriage off for good.

He figured with his charm and good looks he could find a woman at will. His picture on the back of millions of books or more didn’t hurt either. Picking up the ladies was a snap, and nine times out of ten the women were picking him up, he heard on more than one occasion, ‘Was that good enough to get into your next book? You can use my real name, I don’t mind.’ Rob was getting aggravated by their remarks, and even more tired of jumping from one bed to the next in a string of one night stands. He made the choice to keep his high sex drive in check with Sarah or take matters into his own hands.

Sarah was his agent/publicist, the go between with his New York based publisher and him. She was good at her job and over the years had become a true friend and excellent colleague. Her only flaw, was her seductive nature that caused his last divorce. The only way to save his marriage after being caught pounding her on his desk was to terminate her employment. He refused since she had been with him longer than his third wife and he had been having sex with her during all three. Rob decided to move her in when he bought the new house, just to piss the ex off. This move tossed Sarah for a loop as to her it was a step in the right direction in building their relationship. She soon learned different, but gave Rob his room to realize that what they had between them was more than lust, it was love.

Their tight-knit community had one eye sore, the house across the street. The owner had died and the place had run down over the years and the yard was a mess. The homestead had been for sale for the past year, but so far no takers. Rob was returning from a whirlwind book promotion and signing. First to New York for the day time and late night TV circuit, along with seven days of meet and greets. Next it was on to the west coast where he repeated the same schedule. His return trip had stops in several cities in the West, North West, and heart lands before getting back home to the Deep South. Once he arrived at home he noticed a big red and white ‘SOLD’ sticker across the sign. Rob dropped his bags inside the door, as Sarah greeted him with a kiss and informed him of an HOA meeting that was taking place that evening. He did not partake in such gatherings but upon Sarah’s insistence he agreed.

The Home Owners Association meeting was filled with excitement in more ways than one. Sarah loved to get off in public. She had worn a short skirt with nothing on under it to make sure Rob had easy access to her garden. They had taken their seats in the back corner up against the wall.

The HOA had finished their presentation as Rob was about to send Sarah through the roof. The speaker introduced Gina Berry; the new owner of the property. She was beautiful with long flowing blonde hair that was almost to her waist. Her speech was fluent and flowed off her tongue with ease. Rob became mesmerized and forgot the sexy Sarah sitting next to him stopping all movements. Sarah became agitated that his attention was drawn from her that easy. Flustered she straightened her skirt and listened also. Rob had no idea his actions were about to start a war that no one could win.

Sarah was working her agenda to make sure the true Gina was revealed. Catching Dawn screwing Tony, Rob’s pool service guy, made it easy. Dawn became Sarah’s love slave and the information poured from Dawn as did her juices. Together she and Dawn explored the pleasures of another woman’s touch, the roughness and exhilaration of a spanking. The thrill and desires that obeying your masters command could release, all while being bound.

Gina began her reconstruction and Rob was spending a lot of time with her there and at her apartment helping with planning and packing. Rob was so infatuated with Gina he could not see anything but his desire for her, not realizing he was the pawn in her game. Who was this mysterious and devious minded Princess that had orchestrated this plan of destruction, betrayal, deception, and wild sex? The truth would surface piece by piece over the next eight weeks.


I Will Never Be Able To….

This poem is being used for the basic outline to the book The Princess and Rebel which is in the writers que.

Author: J.T. Thunder

March 10 2010

Thanks Princess for the Memories

Watch another amazing sunset without thinking of your majestic beauty and sparkling green eyes,
Hear the clap of thunder and the lighting flash across the night sky in a display of power without thinking of your radiant smile,
Stand on a river bank and watch it run its gentle course without remembering the pain of our good-byes,
Help those in need without thinking of you and how you went that extra mile.

Forget how it felt the first time holding your gloved hand and seeing the passion in your eyes standing in that wooded nook,
The hug that sent chills up my spine and caught me by surprise,
All started by a text ‘I’m a passionate fuck’ from a Mardi-Gras vacation you took.
Which all lead to pain and regret of how our friendship was in a compromise.

Forget trying to reassure you that you were not the other woman as another could not compare,
That you were the one to make me complete,
The struggle this caused brought about my pain, when your face echoed He doesn’t care,
Between our desires, love, and turmoil our relationship was anything but neat.

Forget your first moans of desire that escaped your lips when I moved your long flowing hair and kissed the back of your neck,
That was the day we enjoy the simple pleasure of walking hand in hand, through the streets of your town till dark,
Ending it with dinner, and arranging flowers on your deck,
A day that had started as a simple romp in the park.

Forget the electricity that was felt the moment our lips meet the first time, or the way holding you made me feel,
Oh the excitement of hoping your daughter did not walk in while I explored your body inch by inch heightened our passionate desires,
These moments confused me was it love or lust which one was real,
Being inside you was the only way to quench the fires.

From here the poem picks up steam as the two lose their there clothes and give into the passion they each feel. Read the rest of the poem at Thunders Erotica.

This poem will the bases for my first Erotica short story titled The Princes and The Rebel. Please follow the blog and join me on the social media sites to keep up with the the updates.




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