Author: J. T. Thunder

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I Will Never Be Able To….

This poem is being used for the basic outline to the book The Princess and Rebel which is in the writers que.

Author: J.T. Thunder

March 10 2010

Thanks Princess for the Memories

Watch another amazing sunset without thinking of your majestic beauty and sparkling green eyes,
Hear the clap of thunder and the lighting flash across the night sky in a display of power without thinking of your radiant smile,
Stand on a river bank and watch it run its gentle course without remembering the pain of our good-byes,
Help those in need without thinking of you and how you went that extra mile.

Forget how it felt the first time holding your gloved hand and seeing the passion in your eyes standing in that wooded nook,
The hug that sent chills up my spine and caught me by surprise,
All started by a text ‘I’m a passionate fuck’ from a Mardi-Gras vacation you took.
Which all lead to pain and regret of how our friendship was in a compromise.

Forget trying to reassure you that you were not the other woman as another could not compare,
That you were the one to make me complete,
The struggle this caused brought about my pain, when your face echoed He doesn’t care,
Between our desires, love, and turmoil our relationship was anything but neat.

Forget your first moans of desire that escaped your lips when I moved your long flowing hair and kissed the back of your neck,
That was the day we enjoy the simple pleasure of walking hand in hand, through the streets of your town till dark,
Ending it with dinner, and arranging flowers on your deck,
A day that had started as a simple romp in the park.

Forget the electricity that was felt the moment our lips meet the first time, or the way holding you made me feel,
Oh the excitement of hoping your daughter did not walk in while I explored your body inch by inch heightened our passionate desires,
These moments confused me was it love or lust which one was real,
Being inside you was the only way to quench the fires.

From here the poem picks up steam as the two lose their there clothes and give into the passion they each feel. Read the rest of the poem at Thunders Erotica.

This poem will the bases for my first Erotica short story titled The Princes and The Rebel. Please follow the blog and join me on the social media sites to keep up with the the updates.





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