Author: J. T. Thunder

Blogs from the Thunderstorm


Name: J.T. Thunder

Occupation: Independent Writer for The Artistic Side of Thunder

Genre: Erotica

Favorite Authors: James Patterson, Anne Rice, Penelope Syn, Anna Bayes, J.A. Bailey

Tag Line: A writer of erotica that stirs the senses, consumes the soul, and curls the toes.

J.T. Thunder was born Jonathan Tyler in a small town in South Georgia. He grew up and finished high school on the east coast of Texas. J.T. now resides in Nashville and can be found at the local Honky-Tonks on any given night. J.T. has always loved writing and over the years has recorded his thoughts and experiences in countless journals, notebooks, and on paper napkins.

In January 2014, he was soon to be 54, he sat down and wrote a 100,000 plus word novel and sent it to a publisher for an evaluation. The remarks from her were a mixed bag. ‘Great story line, strong charters, however we fill there is too many explicit sex scenes contained in the writing. With some changes we will be that happy to re-read your work but at this time we do not have a following for this type of work. Without changes you will need to clear up some of the slang and submit to an agency that caters to Erotica or Porn, Thank you.’ That was all J.T. needed to hear, he was tired for working for the man and decided to become an independent author. He could enjoy his freedom of not being tied down and still be on the prowl at night.

J.T. has always had a hearty and sometimes dangerous sexual appetite. He would write and pull the stories of lust, pleasure, and pain from his life. He has dated cheer leaders, models, doctors, lawyers, strippers, and drug addicts, just to name a few. J.T. has been married and divorced three times, and vows not to make that mistake again. He has been in maintenance since graduation, but had to hold two jobs on occasions to make ends meet. Those jobs included, bouncer and bodyguard in the Adult Entertainment sector, Correctional Officer in a women’s prison, Personal Trainer for a gym, and a Limo, Taxi Cab Driver. Along with those side careers and a manuscript that he had poured his heart and soul into, that he was not going to change a word of, he would write Erotica. The tales of betrayal, drugs, sex, and the taboo would come from these pages and experiences.

Please follow J.T. on his blog, Author: J.T. Thunder to track him in his quest of becoming a writer. You will find links to his Social Media sites that include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and more. He hopes to see you on one of those sites for some friendly chatter and banter.


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